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Co-Founder / Co-Sponsor / Co-Host Featured Instructor

Karen has had a lifelong passion for fitness and wellness. She is an accomplished runner, mini triathlete, natural body builder, power lifter, obstacle course racer and former personal trainer. She is extensively trained with over 1,000 hours of training in Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and more.   Along with her fitness acumen, she has accomplished a 25 year+ successful corporate career as a leader and executive achieving results, leading teams and developing people to achieve results they didn't think themselves capable of.


In 2020, Karen provided over 200 hours of free online yoga to folks nationally and internationally to support them during the stressful times of COVID quarantine. She has created and facilitated Real Authentic Women (RAW), a group designed to help guide women on their personal journey of self exploration and raise awareness of societal taming and familial conditioning. Her mission is, and has always been, to help others find and protect their inner peace.  Follow her @BeyondBreathWellness.



Co-Founder, Co-Sponsor, Co-Host, Featured Speaker


Mary Beth Perrone’s passion for women’s topics is evidenced by her contributions to women’s health and wellness in many, many forms—physically, mentally and spiritually.

Through her work as Co-Founder of Radiate Wellness, she collaborated with top health experts to create and launch a hormone product line to aid women as they navigate perimenopause and menopause in a clean, holistic manner.

As a Co-Founder, Co-Host and Speaker of the Women’s Wellness Fest, Mary Beth has empowered hundreds of women each year through orchestration of all-day events that feature experts in yoga, meditation and other wellness and healing modalities to empower, nurture and rejuvenate women’s minds, bodies and souls. 

In addition, she created and launched Mindful Movement, a program that teaches children, teens and women to tap into their self-awareness to lead a more meaningful, fulfilled life through age-appropriate workshops, coaching, activities and mediation in high schools, companies and at retreats. 

One of Mary Beth’s many accomplishments is authoring a children’s book, I Have Superpowers, which helps kids tap into their breath and learn emotional self-regulation. 

Mary Beth is also a Co-Founder of a neighborhood women’s education and networking group, Women Who Mean Business.

Her career prior to entering the wellness and hormone health she owned and operated  810 Showroom, a NYC fashion wholesale business  for 15+ years.

Mary Beth is a Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor, Ayurveda Health Coach and Sisterhood Circle Facilitator. Fully committed to making the world and our communities a better place, she has seen and experienced the transformative effects healthy, mindful living has had on herself and her own 2 children, as well as the countless women, teens and children she has assisted with her various organizations. 

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